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Re: Dupla flow rates

> I posted some time ago with a question kind of related to this but
> perhaps I asked it the wrong way.  I probably should have said:  How
> does one size a CO2 reactor to a particular aquarium size and then how
> do you determine the appropriate H2O flow rate through said reactor?

More is better as a general rule.
Unless the reactor is very small etc, most can use 150-300 GPH for larger
tanks. 55gal or less can get away with less.

> Greger, where did you hear the 1000 L/hr figure you mentioned?

I never heard that for the reactor but as the tank size increases, so should
the flow rate. But the size of the inlet may just restrict it to around that

Some of their reactors are pretty small and all of them have under sized
in/outlets. 8mm is pretty dinky.

It's best to have max flow rate so that the CO2 mixes well and that it gets
well mixed in the tank. Less flow means less mixing.
As long as it's not blowing out the bottom, the more the merrier.
> BTW - does anyone know what happened to Spectrum Design Plastics?

Not sure. Looks like the site is shut down.
I was the one working there to make the reactors. I still make a few here
and there or big ones for 200+ gallon tanks.
Want one?
Tom Barr
> Thanks
> Charles