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Re: T5 wattage

Question about T5's:
LFS was selling some 18" T5 bulbs w/ disposable ballasts for $20 per 13W
bulb and ballast. The problem was that even though each bulb was marked 13W,
proprietor maintained that wattage was equivalent to that of a 55W compact
fluorescent and that two 13W T5's would suffice for a 29 gallon tank. Does
anyone have any insight as to what he may have been talking about?


Whoever told you a 13w T5 lamp is equivalent to a 55w PCF (Power Compact Florescent) lamp is very mistaken. A 13w T5 might be approximately equivalent to a 13w PCF, but certainly nothing beyond that. Two 13w T5 florescents will work fine for a 29 gallon *fish* tank, but don't expect to grow much in the way of plants with that little light.

I have used 8w T5 flourescents over 2.5 gallon tanks for years since they're just about the perfect size lamp for that size tank. I think a T5 does put a out a bit more light than a T8 of equivalent wattage, but at best they might be comparably to PCF lights of *the same wattage*.

I think the proprietor you talked to probably doesn't understand what he is selling.


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