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E. Stellata & Willow hygro

I have read on this list the E. stellata can be a temperamental plant. Well, I may have found the perfect growing conditions for it. Problem is, they also seem to be the perfect growing conditions for cladaphora & BBA, and very bad conditions for willow hygro (H. salicifolia), Eichornia diversifolia, and A. reineckii, among others.

Here's the deal: my E. stellata is growing gangbusters, although it is very green, not the nice pink. It grows and grows. But both my willow hygro and E. diversifolia are growing these stunted, crumpled, deformed leaves, and the older leaved on the willow hygro get a brownish tint. The A. reineckii has completely stalled.

Here's the tank params: 72 gallon bowfront, 220W PCF light, canister CO2. KH=GH=4.5, from addition of baking soda and Flourish Equilibrium. PH=6.8. 75% water changes weekly, with massive pruning to remove BBA. Add at water change & midweek 1/2t KNO3, 1/16t KH2PO4, 15ml Flourish. I am not adding any other K because the Equilibrium has a hunk of K in it. Also mega-dosing before water change with 1t KNO3, 1/8t KH2PO4.

What's missing? What's overdosed? What is going on?


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