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Re: 5500K or 6500K CF lights?

I am making a hood for a 29g  paludarium and am planning on using a
single 55W compact fluorescent light.  I am wondering which would be
better to use--a 5500K or 6500K bulb?  Which do the plants like better?
Which looks more natural to the human eye?

They are going to be pretty close appearance-wise. I have both 5500K and 6700K bulbs on tanks in different rooms, and if I walk between them I usually can't really tell that there is a difference, but if I put them next to each other then I can. In general the 6700K will appear a little bluer, and the 5500K a bit yellower, and I think they are close enough that the biggest factor is going to be your personal preference. Try to find a place with both setup so that you can see them both on a system similar to your own. Either is going to be a very good light for your tank.

I personally would probably buy the 6700K since I like the look better, but that's just my own preference.




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