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Re: Cheap skimmers

> I bet Dr. Tom would have some good ideas on how to
> build a nice cheap home-made  skimmer. (if you do,
> please share it with us!)

Yep, but a Skilter made by Supreme, is about 30-35$ on line.
Some PVC and reducing adapters will work or you can try some plex-PVC angled
cut like on the "Beast" and a few other designs. You can see the foam
collection in this design but requires and angles cut across the pipe.

Add a maxi jet powerhead and a few parts, about 10-15$ minus the pump.

Honestly for a 55 or less, a skilter is much better deal than a CPR back pak
for folks that want a pre made deal.

I have skilter and let it ride and add my nutrients.
> If it's not already there, get some live rock. The pores
> in the rock provide a good home for nitrifying bacteria,

So will aragonite.

> and with the help of your good circulation system, the
> live rock will provide good biological filtration.

You can do it without the live rock if you want.
A refugium can be veryu effective with nothing more than the Caulerpa.

Tom Barr
> cheers,
> shireen