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Marine Tank Reply

Thank you all for your replies.

I will work on the suggestions you made.

I have thought about building a DIY skimmer. Not sure yet where to find all
of the parts but I have a good start.

We are selling off all of our Koi so perhaps I can buy some live rock.

A few years ago I bought a 100 pound bag of calcium carbonate, it was a
large grit. I used it to harden the water where we lived. The water was
about 30ppm and I was trying to keep african cichlids. I added some Mag.
Sulfate as well. It worked fine.

Thanks again,

BTW, Tom what are your qualifications?

I will keep my ears open if you are job hunting.

Paul Jarvis
Assistant Research Scientist
Aquaculture Research Institute
University of Idaho
pjarvis at uidaho_edu

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