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Re: 8800K PC lights

Tom, how much do the 8800K bulbs differ from a 10000K? I've been using
10000K mixed with 6500K to "cool" things down a little. Would there be any
advantages/disadvantages for the plants between using one type of bulb only
such as the 7200K or mixing warmer and cooler bulbs to get a similar color

Giancarlo Podio

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I've been using the 8800K plant bulbs for awhile. I like them and the color
when mixed with a 5000K-6700K range bulb.

No, there's no algae advantage, just a nicer look I think.
Perhaps a 7200K (Triton) will come out in the 55-96 w range?
I have a 7200K 13 w PC light that's really nice.

Amano uses this color temp(8800K) and I assume that's why they are being
sold these days. But over all the look is nice, not as harsh as I'd thought
when mixed with warmer temps.

Tom Barr