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Re: Help - brownish plants

>Paul Krombholz wrote:

>One thing you didn't mention was if you make any water
>changes. The GH seems a bit high, although I don't think
>that by itself would cause the browning of the leaves.
>Why don't you try a couple of 50% water changes, add your
>nitrate, K2SO4, MgSO4, iron and micronutrients back, and
>see if the plants don't get any better. This would check
>out the possibility that levels of something may have
>built up to toxic levels.

Thanks for the reply,
I forgot to mention in my previous post that I've also added a little
crushed coral in the tank to add some calcium to see if it would solve
the problem.  So that and the extra addition of Epson salts might be to
blame for the high GH.
On this plant tank I've gotten away by doing only monthly water changes.
So I'll definitely do as you suggested, and I'll also give the filter
(Eheim 2026) a cleaning too, that has not been done for about 3-4 months
maybe longer.
The more I reread what I've added to the tank in the last little while,
it sounds like it might just be a huge chemical soup.... Water changes
first thing in the morning.
Thanks again, hopefully it will be something this simple.