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Re: 1250liter an hr in a Dupla Reaktor

> In spite of the much more powerful pumphead, I have the same flow of water out
> of the CO2 reaktor.
> Is there an explanation to this?
> To me it is an hydrological mystery without any logic in it.
> How DO you push a thousand litres thru the reaktor?
> /Greger

Fill it completely with water?
No gas in there when it starts?

Is it in the tank?
You've cleaned the unit good?

I recall the in/outlets are rather small and dinky. I think they were about
3/8" or 1cm etc.

That might be why but you still should have some more flow with a large
capacity pump.

You can remove the bottom and leave it in the tank with the bottom open
also. Might need to put a piece of netting or a panty hose shoe slip over
the end(these work great for all sorts of things).

Tom Barr