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Re:Glossostigma and Elatine

>I've flowered them but why? I never bother with seeds.
>They grow faster/easier vegetatively.

Tom, I should have guessed that if someone had succeeded it
would have been you.

Various reasons for flowers and seeds:

First of all I'm interested not just in aquascaping, but
also in the life histories of the plants. I would like to
carry out a comparitive study of these species along with
the Maltese endemic Elatine gussonei. So I would be
interested in flowering periods, flower types, petiole
characteristics and the relationship to their natural
settings. Unfortunately there is not much information abot
either species on the
web. Do you know where the aquarium Elatine
triandra originates from?

Secondly I like germinating seeds. Its a little like having

Thirdly I find that the biggest problem with Elatine
gussonei is that it will 'melt' completely if damaged.
(Could it be the water pressure?) So if it is to be
transported than the best way would be via seed. I've sent
whole plants to someone there in the US but all he received
was goo. I thought Glosso and E. triandra might have the
same problem, so I' ve never asked anyone for some.

> The Elatine is doing great and I like it better than
Why do you like it better? What temperature maximum does it
withstand? What light wattage are you using?

>I might be able to mail a bit of each.
The Germans would say Vunder'Barr' or
something-similar-sounding. In Maltese I would say

BTW the mosses are doing great. One appears to have a
dendroid habit. When I have enough to sacrifice I'll try
them out submerged.

Thanks again


>Tom Barr

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