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Lighting for a 29Gal. Paludarium

I'm really quite new to planted tanks, having set up  my first one in a
10 gal., 3 months ago.  It is doing fine.  Now I have been really

I have 29 gal. aquarium that I want to set up as a  paludarium. The tank
has no hood yet.  I am planning on a DIY project. I  really want to use
as little wattage as possible to keep the cost of  running the lights
down. I have a couple of questions: how much light does it  really
need?   Would compact fluorescent be better than normal fluorescent
lights?   If so, why?

If using normal fluorescent lights, what would be the best way to
arrange them? If they are centered, I fear the ends won't have enough
light–is that a problem?

Is the watts/gal rule the same for CF lights? If I try to use the
2-3W/gal rule , two 55W CF would be overkill, but one would not be quite
enough. Two 36W CF would be about right, but would I need to use two
separate single light kits so they can be staggered in the hood? (They
are only 17" long, so if they were centered together, the ends wouldn't
have light!  Is 2W/gal considered low, or medium, lighting level?

Guess that turned into several questions!  I look forward to any advice
you can provide.

Thanks for your help!