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Regulator threads

The "standard threads" for several regulators are changing.   The most common 
one you will see is the "new" threads on Propane Tanks.   It is an Acme 
Thread.   The "old" thread is still there.   The idea was, if you put in 
modern o-rings and a big, coarse Acme Thread, coupled with a BIG (large 
diameter) "coupling nut" you would eliminate virtually all of the fires, etc. 
from improperly tightened regulators.   Supposedly there are modern o-rings 
that are not affected by flammable gases or Oxygen.   

It may be that a "new" thread is actually appearing on CO2 tanks.

Regardless, a thread with a flat top will NOT work with a coupling nut 
designed for a full V thread.   There is always a difference in thread count, 
i.e. threads per inch.   You can "start" a nut on a close mis-match, but you 
won't get more than a turn or two before it all jams.   It does not take much 
of a mismatch or leak at the tank to waste most of your CO2 into the air.


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