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Re: Anubias flowering

Zach wrote:

My anubias barteri has sent up an extra long stem, and extended
a smaller, lighter colored leaf with a (not sure of the proper plant term)
 pestle? flower? reproductive organ of some sort?

It's the flower, but I prefer "white-ear-of-corn-with-the-husk-still-on-it-looking-thing".

Anyway, how long can I expect this to last and is there anything I can do to extend it's lifespan.

It'll stick around for awhile. The flower will be compact when it first opens but will gradually extend up (in a rather unwholesome way), shed some infertile seeds that float, and eventually melt away. But once the plant starts flowering, it'll continue to do so from time to time as long as you keep it happy. I have a big mother plant that puts up two at a time occasionally. I usually trim them off soon after they open because I have a female Otocinclus that seems to think Anubias flowers are good eatin'. Nutty fish.
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee