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Marine tank (was Re: Slightly off topic)

> The problem is... I have a terrible brown coating of algae covering
everything. <

Caulerpa alone won't provide sufficient filtration.

Get or build a protein skimmer to remove dissolved
organics in the water.  Skimmers are expensive to buy
but based on some research I did, many people like CPR
Backpack, it runs for $110 at
I bet Dr. Tom would have some good ideas on how to
build a nice cheap home-made  skimmer. (if you do,
please share it with us!)

If it's not already there, get some live rock. The pores
in the rock provide a good home for nitrifying bacteria,
and with the help of your good circulation system, the
live rock will provide good biological filtration.


Shireen Gonzaga
whimbrel at comcast_net