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There is a real danger in reintroducing animals to their
original habitat. But its not the habitat that is in trouble
(unless they're diseased). The problem is that after some
time in domestication they can grow soft:
1) forget their hunting and predator evasion strategies
after getting accustomed to human feeding
2) reduce their long term contact with disease, hence
lowering their immunity
3) loose their original territory to members of their own

Unless the reintroduction is done very shortly after capture
or there is a very gradual reintroduction period, the
reintroduced fish would be in bad trouble.

I reintroduced a couple of grey mullet to the sea some years
back. I'm sure from their behavior that they did'nt like it,
but they were too far away to catch again. I've felt sorry
for them ever since.


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