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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V6 #127

Anybody out there who can comment as this one really fights back? I can
keep the cyano's more or less under control, they don't really overgrow but
rather spread in specific places only ruining the beaty of this one year
old tank that had only few problems so far . ( two algae outbreaks that
were back under control in 3 to 4 weeks by changing water and resetting
fertiliser levels to advised nominal values. )
any reply would be appreciated,...

suisoman Dirk

Cynobacteria is a bacteria. Treat it as such and you can remove it perminantly so long as nothing new is introduced to the tank. Everything that comes in should have a lime wash before being introduced. Erythromyacin (sp) is the antibiotic that I used to eliminate my infestation. You may be able to aquire it more cheaply from a vet supply than through a fish store, but you can't get it from a vet clinic or a pharmacy without a perscription. I thought that was hilarious, I can buy it off the shelf as a product in a fish store, but can't get it over the counter from a pharmacy.