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Re: Florida festival plant excursion

> You can see the Ichetucknee, Rainbow, the Suwanee and the Santa Fe river
> yourself.
> Then you can see how nature has reversed itself after a about 30 years for
> the Ichetucknee. There use to be lots of trash and cows running through
> So come see it before it get trashed. It's considered one of the best
> springs around today.
> The Santa Fe River is a few miles away and there is a canoe rental place
> that will pick folks up and drive them back up river and a similar service
> for the Ichetucknee.
> Local places sell driftwood, Cypress knees, Petrified wood(some rather
> pieces too)- 20 minute drive, weeds in road side ditches. If you want to
> collect fish, you'll need a FW fishing license.
> Leave the exotics alone. If you want to toss the Pista on shore and throw
> away, be my guest. Especially on the Ichetucknee where it is considered a
> weed. If you see trash, grab it and dispose of it in the proper place as
> float down the river. CCR is the preferred swamp music in this area.
Every summer as a kid I spent on the lake called Roberds, but we also spent
a lot of time on the river and in the pond areas as well. In these areas we
collected many specimens and brought them home to makeshift containers, I
had critters of every kind everywhere! Some of my fondest memories in life
were those carefree summers spent exploring. My recent trip to the
Everglades was a reminder of how much I love it. Stick me in the middle of a
swamp instead of the middle of a city and I'm in heaven! Count me in for
this plant excursion. And if you see a continous smile on my face, you'll
know I'm in heaven again. Don Matakis