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Re: Sterility, Teratogenic Effects, and Other

Bill Wichers said, in part:

>  . . .  For anyone concerned with sending their tank 
> water down
> the drain along 
> with live critters, just mix the old tank water with some
> bleach in a 
> bucket before dumping it. The bleach treatment is in
> effect chlorinating 
> the water, which is a very effective way to kill just
> about anything aquatic.

Pretty reliable; I think it's one that USAMRIID uses.  

But now I have to deal with the effects of dumping all that
chlorine!  Oh heck, it seems like everything I do has an
effect of some kind?  Not only is physics pervading, it's
damned persistant too.  Cause and effect -- where's David
Hume when you really need him?

Scott H.

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