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Re: Re: reintroduction

>>I can understand concerns about introducing a
species that otherwise would not be present in a country or pose a serious
threat to other species, the snakehead and african bee issues come to mind,
but from what I understood, Tom was suggesting returning the fish to the
same waters he fished them out of, is that correct? If we are so worried
about a couple of fish being placed back in their natural habitat, I guess
we should be sterilizing ships and planes between countries<<

I would also call attention to the fact that all over this country, and the
world for that matter, game fish are bred in captivity or hatcheries and
released into stock ponds for fishing, as well into brooks, streams and
lakes to raise the native population. And if I am not mistaken, there are
projects going on releasing cichlids, killies and other fish into their
natural habitats to increase the population and save endangered species.  I
think even the Native Fish Conservancey in the USA has been involved in such

I don't believe there is any creedance at all that fish kept in an aquarium
released to their natural habitat can introduce dangerous pathogens into the
wild waters. It seems absurd. Is there a fish version of SARS going around
we havn't heard about?

Robert Paul Hudson