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Florida festival plant excursion

You can see the Ichetucknee, Rainbow, the Suwanee and the Santa Fe river for

Then you can see how nature has reversed itself after a about 30 years for
the Ichetucknee. There use to be lots of trash and cows running through it.

Dutoit(1979) showed that the number of recreational users on the river can
cause irreversible damage and that by limiting the number of people, the
system can still bounce back and remain stable. So now there are limits on
this very popular spring.

But now they are building this god awful Cement plant and are allowing
development north that drains right into the river on the water shed. We
save it, restore it and then ruin it.

So come see it before it get trashed. It's considered one of the best
springs around today.

The Santa Fe River is a few miles away and there is a canoe rental place
that will pick folks up and drive them back up river and a similar service
for the Ichetucknee.

The general plan is:

Aug 1st: Social meeting, talks on local lake and spring habitats, plants,
and algae. Gainesville.

Aug 2nd, River trip down Ichetucknee, BBQ afterwards. Lower Suwanee
blackwater pools trip. Classic coastal swamp. Each about a 40 minute drive.

Aug 3rd. Vote for Santa Fe blackwater canoe trip(~5hrs) or crystal Rainbow
springs trip with canoes. (30 minutes vs 60 minute drives).

A number of inexpensive hotels are close by. I'll be looking into a group
deal for folks for this weekend. I will be looking into cost for Vans to
take folks around. 

Local places sell driftwood, Cypress knees, Petrified wood(some rather large
pieces too)- 20 minute drive, weeds in road side ditches. If you want to
collect fish, you'll need a FW fishing license.

Leave the exotics alone. If you want to toss the Pista on shore and throw it
away, be my guest. Especially on the Ichetucknee where it is considered a
weed. If you see trash, grab it and dispose of it in the proper place as you
float down the river. CCR is the preferred swamp music in this area.

Tom Barr