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Clippard Adapter 15006-3-PKG

I received the parts for my new CO2 setup however I made a mistake in
ordering the minimatic adapters 15006-3-NP-PKG instead of the 15006-3-PKG,
the ones I received are 1/4" NPT (looks like an acme thread) but my
regulator has a sandard thread. Unfortunately my job doesn't allow me to
reach my local clippard distributor during business hours so I ordered
everything directly from Clippard. Seeing these are sold in packs of 10 I
thought I would first ask if anyone has extras left over from past purchases
who would be willing to sell me one. I'd hate to have to pay another $10
packing fee plus shipping :(

Oh yeah, anyone have any use for the 15006-3-NP-PKG adapters let me know, I
have 9 I don't know what to do with. I'll keep one in case I get desperate
and decide to run it through the lathe to see how I can make things worse
than they already are :-)

Giancarlo Podio