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Ultralux Ballasts

Hello Folks:
    In answer to Shireen, I have an ultralux ballast
on the hood of one of my tanks.  It is wired to 4
tubes that are 25 watts each and are 3 ft long.  I was
amazed how much cooler the ballast runs compared to
the one that was on there originally. Also, when it
lights the tubes you don't hear the clicking and
arcing or get a flickering start that normally goes on
with regular ballasts.  I guess that is the soft start
feature that prevents shortening the bulbs life span. 
I have had no problems and am happy with the ballast. 
I would buy another if I needed one.  So, I would
recommend them. I am no lighting genius - I just used
the "Krib" archives to get a notion of what to look
for in a ballast and then after finding possible
candidated on the internet, I phoned ultralux and
spoke to the engineer.  He was very helpful and polite
answering all my questions including the stupid ones. 
Now, I wonder if the same ballast can run compact
florescents or is that some different kind of
technology with ballasts that have to be uniquely
designed to run them?
Good Luck,  Diana

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