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Re: reintroduction

Well, I'm not qualified to rebut the arguments made by
professionals like Tom and Kyle. They certainly sound
convincing, and I don't have the facts to prove my case.
But I'm a stubborn old bird, and I still think I'm right and
everyone else is wrong. :-)

Or maybe I don't want to accept what they're saying
because, if they're right, our environment is in much
much worse shape than I thought. We're losing the
uniqueness of each little habitat. To quote James
Carlton, it's  a process of "homogenizing the world".
There are no words to describe the depth of that loss
of biodiversity.

> Bird Foot Fetish!
> Do you like the Blue Footed Booby? Is it your favorite?

They're funny birds with really weird mating rituals. As
far as fetishes go, I'm a bill girl. Long decurved bill like
the whimbrel, my favorite bird!

Living with my delusions....

- shireen

Shireen Gonzaga Baltimore, MD