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spontaneous generation

>I recently discovered what appears to be a baby bluefin killifish in my
>aquarium.  * * *  Has anyone else had something like that happen?

Yes, I did. I discovered one tiny translucent fish in my tank and was delighted, sure it was from my glow light tetras (I'd seen them spawn, but they ate the eggs). So I powdered flake and let plants grow heavily on the surface of the tank where it seemed to hang out to make sure it had cover while it grew, and lo, and behold, eventually I had -- a rainbow fish. It was my first and only rainbow and had to have ridden into my tank as an egg on plants, as that's all I'd bought and added to the tank in the months before it showed up. At first it thought it was a tetra and followed the glow lights around and schooled with them, but once it outgrew them it started getting snotty with the glow lights, and luckily for me, my lfs was willing to take him (or her).

Ellen O'Connell
Parker, CO
mailto:oconnel4 at ix_netcom.com