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RE: Snails

Hi Scott, my 2 clown loaches did a great job at removing the snail
poplulation, I know there are some still in there because I find baby shells
in my canister when I clean it. I've also discovered a little snail living
in my substrate but none are visible or grazing on my plants, they stay in
deep hiding since the loaches arrived. A few years back I had a similar
problem where I had 2 clowns and 1 other loach (forget the type now) and
they too stopped eating snails and let them thrive again, I reduced the
amount of sinking food I would give the loaches and started squashing snails
with my fingers to try and get the fish to re-gain their snail appetite. It
worked, they started eating snails again, not sure if because they were
simply hungry or because I started squashing them. Someone also told me that
a lot of other common fish will eat snails if they are hungry enough,
perhaps a little diet might push them to turn on the snails. You can also
get a lot of snails out by using the methods others have indicated, that is
placing something in the tank that the snails like to eat, in the morning it
will be covered in snails which you can easily pull out. I would look at
chemicals as a last resort.

Hope that helps

Giancarlo Podio

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I know this question has probably been asked many times but I had a added
one to ask on top of it.  How can I get rid of snails in a tank.  I already
have a Yoyo loach that was at first doing a great job of eating them, but
they are even out-reproducing his ability to eat them (or he has given up
eating them).  I also do not want to just try to keep numbers down, I want
to get rid of them all together.  Is breaking down the tank and starting
over the only way?  Are the eggs free floating in the water?  If I try to
just keep some water and disinfect everything else and I going to transfer
them to the cleaned tank?  Do any of the Snailacides work without harming
the plants and plecos in the tank?