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Re: Catching your own fish

> Tom,
> Where were you that you are catching all those fish?
> Scott

About 30 minutes north of town.

I might put a canoe trip down the river here for the Florida Plant Festival
Aug 1st-3rd for the Sunday trip. It's either that or Rainbow springs which
is about 1 hour away.

Flounders are doing well, they swim a good deal.
I'm trying several lives foods for the pipefish.
That will be a more difficult critter to keep. It likes the current.
I have a small tank that I can devote exclusively to it and I might have to
go that route if it does not eat in the next week. Baby brine has been
bitten but not eaten. Hopefully a good eating routine will be achieved
within a week or so. Once I get them to take the food, they will do well on
frozen. The madtoms eat like true pigs.
Most all of these fish live and feel comfortable very close around or in the

If I know where the plant beds are, I know where the fish are.
Native fish folks are welcome to my stock and info on care etc and
eventually the donations of all of them.
Pipefish breeding is a worthy goal. The darter is doing well.

This is the only true FW pipefish around. The FW sole really do come from
very soft water etc. Nothing brackish here.

Tom Barr