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Re: snails

Scott wrote:

>I know this question has probably been asked many times but I had a added
>one to ask on top of it.  How can I get rid of snails in a tank.  I already
>have a Yoyo loach that was at first doing a great job of eating them, but
>they are even out-reproducing his ability to eat them (or he has given up
>eating them).  I also do not want to just try to keep numbers down, I want
>to get rid of them all together.  Is breaking down the tank and starting
>over the only way?  Are the eggs free floating in the water?  If I try to
>just keep some water and disinfect everything else and I going to transfer
>them to the cleaned tank?  Do any of the Snailacides work without harming
>the plants and plecos in the tank?

Don't kill off your snails, Scott!  They're good and useful citizens.  An 
overpopulation is usually due to overfeeding the fish or an excessive 
amount of decomposing matter like plant waste.  Until you get a grip on the 
underlying cause, you can keep the snails in check with a melon rind or 
similar.  Take a cantaloupe or whatever, trim the meat off the rind, then 
just put the rind in the tank.  It'll be covered in snails in short 
order.  Take the rind out, rinse it and return it to the tank.  Keep doing 
that until your happy with the number of snails left.

Never used any of the snail killer chems, so can't help there.
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee