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Bacterial Bloom or just Cloudy Water...HELP!!!!

Hello All,
This is Torrance Haggerty in Houston.  I have excellent news about all of my
plants since I have joined this list...THEY ARE MAGNIFICENT!!!!  On the
other hand, I have made a novice-like mistake, and when I swallowed my pride
I was inspired to query you for a possible solution.  I have 2x Eheim 2028
on a 150 gal and on last Wednesday I boiled the inserts for one of the
filters (deep-down cleansing) and I rinsed the inserts for the
other....silly me, in essence I removed all of my bacteria from the filters.
I am now dealing with a cloudy mess for a tank (though my plants are looking
great in the haze).  Do you have any input on a faster solution that just
allowing the tank to cycle?  I have made 40% water changes every other day
since Wednesday in hopes that it would clear up.  I know that one day..with
patience,,,,,I am going to go home a the tank will be crystal clear again.
As you can see I have seen this before and I guess that why I am not in a
panic.  Any information that you could provide will be great.

Honestly, after discussing this with a very prominent AGA member (Steve
Maier), I believe that I have a major baciterial bloom....How can I kill it
other than just allowing my trace parameters to remediate the problem?

Also, the only other thing I did was to add a 20# CO2 bottle instead of the
5 #, but I doubt very seriously if this has any effect on the situation.  My
ph is ~ 6.4 and my NO3 and NO2 are pretty much undetectable at the time of
my test.  I dose w/ TMG and PMDD with alternating days.  I add Flourish
Nitrogen and Phosphorous, and my CO2 sources are via a compressed JBJ
regulator system and a CarboPlus unit.  My CO2 levels appear to be as they
always were.  I dosed pretty heavy last night with KN03 (dissolved chemical
in water)...HELP!!!!!!!! Thanks in advance..

Torrance Haggerty