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RE:Catching your own

       Where did you go for this great catch?  Also I know that releasing 
fish that have gone into a home system after they come out of the wild is not 
the greatest idea in some minds.  If you need to get rid of them before you 
move, call me I'll come over to your place and pick them up.  I have some 
native setups that they'll fit into.  If I don't have space, I'll put them 
into the 45H that I gave to a local community center for kids.  
       I was on duty this weekend, but next weekend or the weekend after, I 
want to check out the Hatchet Creek on Waldo Rd (RT. 24) between Gainesville 
and Waldo to see what's there, and maybe Newnans Lake that it feeds into. 
(Doug, I'm sending you a copy of this to see what you think for timing of 
this outing).  JiM C.

Date: Sun, 13 Apr 2003 19:19:41 -0400
From: Thomas Barr <tcbiii at earthlink_net>
Subject: Catching your own

Made a good haul today. Didn't step on one rotting old log and fall in up to
my neck in red tea colored water. Nothing too embarrassing this time.

I had planned to hit several locations but the first was so good I just
stayed there. 

Water is classic balckwater type with no KH/GH, acid etc.

2 FW flounders ! 
1 pipefish !
4 Notorus catfish
20+ Notropis welaka
1 Darter
2 different clam species
3 Turtles, these were tossed back
2 unidentified small killifish
5 E evergaldaei
A few mollies.
3 Water stick bugs- very neat looking
2 Assassin Bugs
2 Pygmy Sunfish.
Tons of snails. 

About a 40 minute drive, curb side parking. Spent about an hour with a dip
net. Left my minnow traps and will come back later Mon or Tues to check.

I'll be moving in a year so I can simply release these natives right back to
their home.

Tom Barr

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