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Re: hexmanifolds

> Does anyone know who manufactures these.
> http://www.floridadriftwood.com/images/products/hexomanifold.jpg
> I would like to purchase a few of these straight from the wholesaler.
> Great little product.
> I bought a few but they are quite expensive from my supplier.
> Thanks,
> Marcus
> Http://www.Aquatic-store.com
> Co2, plants, lighting, chillers, filters and more

Don't know who, but you can DIY for pretty cheap using the clippard's which
are better than these which some folks I know have not been that pleased
with the control. Clippards are not the world's best valve by any means but
they are good value for the price and job they perform.

Then you can make however many you want for around 10$ each valve if you buy
a bunch etc. 1/8" brass T's and such are cheap to design any configuration
you might want.

Tom Barr