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RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V6 #118


Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2003 14:26:37 EDT
From: Dgrim62 at cs_com
Subject: wholesale fish advertisements

I have been getting a steady stream of sales pitches from South American
wholesalers, probably 3-4 a week.

I can't think of anywhere else they would have gotten my email address
here. I don't read any other aquarium related bulletin boards.

Anyone else been getting these?

I tell them to take me off their list, as I am only a hobbyist, but it
helped so far.

Do you visit internet sites relating to Tropical Fish and find pop up's of
all sorts coming up. I get these messages every now and again and no doubt
your cookie trail is being obtained from fish sites. Your response asking to
be removed from their lists simply confirms to them that you have a legit
email address and you can expect more and more messages. Install spybot.com
and run the program every few days. You can also install cloudmark.com which
is a great anti spam program that thousands of people use. It does not
delete any mail from your computer , simply puts any piece of email that is
identified by you or any of the thousands of other people that use the
program into a spam folder that you can review and delete them all at one
time. If you get mail that goes into the spam folder that you want to
receive you simply "unblock" the message and it is sent back to your in
folder. Great programs.