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RE- CO2 generator

-----From: "Kinney, Travis" <kinney at pdtarchs_com>

Bob, I'm setting up a 10G tank and plan to test out my latest gizmo. Now try
to picture this; a 1G jar with a rubber stopper. An IV-bag filled with white
vinegar, which through the drip control of the roller stopper will drip into
the jar. In the jar there will be some baking soda, which will, on contact
with the vinegar, give off co2. Another line out of the stopper is an
inverted IV drip counter, which makes a great bubble counter (Got the idea
from Dr. what's his name in India who is on this list). The co2 will go into
the tank from there.-----

Seems to be pretty exciting idea.

Do let us know how it functions and the logevity of co2 production.

What proportion of  drops of vinegar & baking soda do you propose to use?

By the way, an iv set valve will never work for co2, since it does not have
that precision. Many times doctors have problems even to regulate fluid
output with those

with regarrds,

Dr ajit athale