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Got balls?

I've wondered since folks seem to really enjoy jobes sticks, why someone or
a company like SeaChem has not come out with a non greenwater producing (no
NH4) substrate ball to add to their tanks. Use KNO3 instead of NH4NO3 and

Better yet: a nice slow time release version.

I've done this using media for algal culture using agar which has a steady
rate of diffusion.

This would be good for folks that leave on vacation also.

Mix KNO3, KH2PO4 and Traces. Maybe a GH builder(Same thing except MgSO4 and
CaCl2). Or Kalkwasser for you salties.

Make into know volume sized balls.

Pull one up during replanting? No big deal, the balls should stay intact and
not release the contents allowing reuse into the substrate and not adding a
good deal of NH4+ etc into the water column. The soft gel would also allow
roots to easily penetrate them.

Now some industrious individual or company will do this at some point.

But when?

I'm not really interested since I really don't intend to sell my own balls.

Tom Barr