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adding nitrate

I posted a message yesterday asking how many bubbles per minute should I
have coming from my newly set up pressurized system. Allow me to provide
more info. and another question regarding algae. Having previously
experienced an outbreak of beard or brush algae in a 20 g tank I would
rather not go through that again which ended up with me having to completely
strip down the tank and bleach everything. My 77 g tank is a feature piece
in my living room and I have noticed some fuzzy hair like growth along the
edges of my broad leaf plants and on some Java Fern and some Ludwiga.
Parameters as follows.

77g tank with 4 x 40 watts of T12 lighting consisting of one strip light
with 2 x 40 watt aqua glo bulbs and one shoplight with one 40 watt cool
white and one 40 watt plant grow bulb.

PH 7.0 ( monitoring frequently with having just set the pressure system up
last night, target PH 6.6 to 6.8 , is that about right??.

GH 100
KH 60

nitrates , barely measurable. At one time I was doing frequent water changes
due to high nitrates around 50 and now I hardly have any despite having 4
Bala Sharks, among a community of other fish. I believe from what I read
that I need to maintain a minimum nitrate level of about 5. I dose with PMDD
per Krib instructions of 2 drops per gallon of water daily. I have KN03
crystals which I can mix up to add straight KN03 if someone could direct me
to a proper measurement of crystals to water if there is one. Thx. for your