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RE: End-of-tank-dump comment -- or - Writing Checks for Check valves

Kevin said, in part:

> My assumption is that the CO2 is continuously absorbed
> into the advancing
> water column as it creeps down the airline (I assume 
> also that it diffuses
> out again at the ultimate other end of the water column 
> where it meets the
> aquarium water - otherwise I guess the water would 
> become saturated with
> CO2 & this process would stop?  Presumably the water in >
the bubble counter
> is always saturated with CO2 whilst the CO2 is flowing?).

Well, anything is possible.  But I always thought it was
hard to get CO2 into water if a vacuum was present, which I
assume is the case if some of the tubing is flattening. 
But I surely must not understand your set up.  Pardon my
denseness but you have water on top of the bubble counter? 
The water exits the bubble coutner and travels downline
towards the CO2 tank or toward the reacter?  Is the bubble
counter an internal device?

I'd expect the setup to be CO2 tank, tank valve, regulator,
solenoid, metering valve, bubble counter (if any), reactor
(or end of CO2 tubing going into a canister intake) -- with
a check valve just before the reactor or just before the
tubing enters the aquarium.  Is your setup different than

Scott H.

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