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Bound in Irons - Reduced to Questions

I asked if the use of a UV lamp (at a level that is
germicidal) will reduce that amount of iron available to
plants when using Flourish Iron due to photoreduction? 

SeaChem said:

No, a UV lamp will not reduce the level of available iron
if you are 
using Flourish Iron, if anything it would probably increase
effectiveness of the product since the iron in Flourish
iron is 
already in the reduced state thus if any of does get
oxidized it 
would be rapidly reduced, thus giving the plants a longer
time in 
which to absorb the ferrous iron.

If oxidized it would be reduced?  I thought oxidatin was
the "opposite" of reduction.  So I asked for calrification
and received elaboration thusly (a word I now use at least
once a day):

. . .since the ferrous iron in Flourish Iron is 
already reduced the only thing that is going to happen to
it is to become slowly oxidized... but if photoreduction is
occuring any material that is oxidized to the ferric form
will then be reduced back to the reduced form, thus
increasing the overal available lifetime of the ferrous
iron before utilization.

Scott H.

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