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Re: Can of Worms

On Tue, 8 Apr 2003, Thomas Barr wrote:

> Paul, why don't 2000 of us email this infected "I'm not going to reply"
> person and see how he likes it.
> I have received about 50 personal worms and this list has been bombed more
> than I care to count.
> Time to start bombing him back till he gets the picture.
> Something needs done.

Umm, folks, more often than not, the current worms out there spread using
a name picked out of someone's address book, rather than the infected
person's e-mail address itself.  Remember 6 month ago when a bunch of
mails seemed to come from long-deleted e-mail accounts?  The only way to
possibly tell where it came from is to go back to the original e-mails and
check the headers.  Mailbombing a potentially innocent victim is probably
not the answer.

  - Erik