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re: dying Java ferns

Iíd like to know if any of you have had a similar experience as I had with Java fern: I bought healthy specimens before from an LFS.  They grew ok for a while and even produced plantlets from the old leaves. Then the plantlets died and the original plants grew smaller and smaller leaves which grew brown and rotted sooner than the previous leaves.


My tank is daylit and receives 4-6 hours of direct sunlight a day and, during summer, water temperature peaks at 34 degrees Centigrade.  The water is soft and acidic as I keep apistos, tetras and corydoras in my heavily planted tank but I donít measure pH, dH and kH.  I change the water infrequently and only up to 20% at the most.  The Java ferns, both Windelov and pteropus varieties, are growing amidst a tangle of Java moss and have even attached themselves already to the driftwood.  But they are now slowly dying and I donít know what causing one of the supposedly most durable plants to do that.  Is it because of the summerís intense heat?  


Iíve tried adding macro and trace nutrient fertilizers, thinking it might be a nutrient imbalance  but it only made algae grow faster.  The rest of the plants, crypts, spiral vallis, hemianthus, sagitarria subulata and liliaeopsis, are all are doing ok and growing well.


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