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Re: Welcome to my hometown

     * From: "John T. Fitch" <JTFitch at fitchfamily_com>

A couple of people have asked about the mysterious garbled postings we get
from midgatutordigests at yahoo_com.  A quick Google search turned up this


which says, basically,

"My name is Michael and I keep fish.

My list address is midgatutordigests at yahoo_com.
I only use this address for mailing lists.
My regular address is midgatutor at yahoo_com and any
personal communication should be directed there.

I did the same thing John Fitch did, and found the same posting to 
the live foods digest.  I wrote Michael an email asking how it was 
that these attachment postings based on topics unrelated to aquatic 
plants kept showing up on the APD.  No reply, so far.
Paul Krombholz in sodden central Mississippi, where we had 12 inches 
of rain yesterday.