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Re: End-of-tank-dump comment

This is in response to the Wright Huntley post and the one below. I have for
the most part
been a lurker here for some time. In this case though I wanted to say either
I'm doing something
very very wrong or in many cases (mine included) one needs a check valve. As
soon as the gas is turned off on my CO2 water starts running up the line
from the reactor towards the regulator. Obviously I have never let it get
that far but I am assuming that if it did it would ruin my regulator.

My assumption is that, if I didn't have the RF check valve (#1), eventually
the water would be sucked-back through the solenoid valve & into the
regulator as all the residual CO2 gets absorbed.

Anyone else found (&/or solved) this problem?

Regards, Kevin