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amazon swords blooming (was: plantlets)

kirk, no secrets here.  you should know all my tanks
are low tech.  these amazon swords i have are in a
well established 55-gallon tank (set up in 94?), lit
by 2 40=watts bulbs.  there was an initial set up of
tetra's laterite product in the gravel, but nothing
else since then.  it's just an old, old tank with old,
old swords.  i find them very easy to grow.  this is
the first time blooming, they are at a good size now
(leaves are about 12" long).  

if you can get Apo. crispus babies in your tank, you
are not doing too shabbily.

tsuh yang

> I have had amazon swords in my tanks for almost a
> year now, and no luck 
> getting them to bloom (or any of my plants for that
> matter, besides my 
> Aponogeton Crispus which frequently puts off a
> flower stalk and drops 
> little seeds that develop into little crispus
> plants, and a weak effort at 
> flowering by one of my anubias).  What's your
> secret?

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