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Subject: 15gal setup recommendations

Date: Sat, 5 Apr 2003 11:14:51 -0800
From: "dilvish" <dilvish at pacbell_net>
Subject: 15gal setup recommendations

Now, since our 6 month old 50gal is doing so well, I'd like to start again
with this 15gal.  I'm assuming that our problems were from the bio-wheel,
which made the water way too oxygenated and removed all traces of CO2 (not
that we knew any of this then). I believe the lights weren't sufficient
either. (and fish load.. I think we did just about everything wrong)

The biowheel shouldn't be a problem...all of my tanks have biowheels (a 2 
gallon and 20 gallon both with Eclipse systems, 3 ten gallon tanks with 
Penguins, and a 55 gallon with a Penguin 330 and a canister).  The 55 and 20 
both have DIY CO2 injection.  The plants in all of the tanks are doing fine 
and grow like mad.

Unless you researched your plant selection prior to buying them, I suspect 
you may just have had a bad mix of plants for your setup (maybe the LFS 
recommended non-aquatics -- they've been known to do that; or that you had 
lots of high-maintenance plants that you weren't supplementing sufficiently). 

In any case, I wouldn't necessarily rule out use of the biowheel.   Get some 
plants that will suit the lighting level you will be providing, carefully 
select a substrate, add some CO2, and see if this makes a difference.

Good luck.

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