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Re: growing Lobelia cardinalis

On Sunday 06 April 2003 04:49, Erin wrote:

> Every site recommended CO2 injection and
> ultra-bright light to get it to thrive. Having neither
> of these, and having found information that
> contradicts my own experience in the past, I'm
> wondering A) what the plant guy was thinking who sold
> it to me, and B) if any of you have gotten L.
> cardinalis to make it in a medium-light, low-growth
> environment.


A) He was making a buck.

B) I grow L. cardinalis (normal and dwarf) under a dim 2 watts/gallon with 
DIY CO2.  I let the CO2 drop off to near background for long periods and the 
plants still stay healthy.  The L. cardinalis grows slowly, but it grows.  
Plants in that tank have propogated 20-30 stems of the dwarf variety and a 
couple stems of the large variety in the last 3 months.

Bright light is absolutely not required.  CO2 helps a lot but it isn't 
necessary under moderate light.

Roger Miller