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Catch your own fish

Well, finally found a good nice spot to hunt for my fish.
Today I found a truly nice fish, Notropis welaka. They a fair amount of red
in them so they might be something else.
Regardless, they look nicer than any pencil fish.
I got some liverbears of some sort or another.
I also caught some pygmy sunfish. Now when I picked them up out of the
water, they were jet black and had lots of neon blue dots like male
Haplachromis. Very very pretty fish.

I'm going back next weekend. I caught 2 other species of sun fish about 1
inch long, 3 Notropis, 2 pygmy's, 6 of liverbearers.
Not bad for 30 minutes. I think the traps will work better. Lots of H.
polysperma here.

Folks will be able to dip net the local fish if they want when I have the
Florida meeting in Aug (First weekend of Aug).
So you can collect fish, plants, wood, petrified wood, grass shrimp, snails,
even turtles. You'll need a fish license etc and don't take anything from a
preserve State park or private property without permission and no threatened
fish species etc.

About 15 species are at this location. I fell in the water up to my neck
when I stepped on a rotten log. No one saw it but I looked funny when it

Tom Barr