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Re: Daily dosing and Seachem products

Thanks to Tom and Giancarlo for their comments.

I guess dosing 2 or 3 times a week is a possibility but I might just 
try increasing doses on a daily basis first to see how I go at the 
levels Tom suggests for a while before changing the frequency again. 
I'm actually finding daily dosing easier than weekly since I dose when 
I feed the fish so I'm kind of reluctant to break what's actually 
become a comfortable routine. When I was working, I used to do tank 
maintenance regularly on a Sunday and dose weekly then which also 
worked well, but retirement has meant I've dropped some of my regular 
habits and maintenance has actually tended to become a bit more 
irregular since I tend to do things when I see they need doing instead 
of having to schedule a regular time each week. Daily dosing is fitting 
into my new routines quite well.

It seems Giancarlo and I have had different experiences with the Eheim 
Liquidoser. I found the device to stop working rather quickly which 
surprised me given the usual Eheim dependability which I know well. I 
haven't used anything but Eheim filters for years now. Of course, I 
think the reason for the Liquidoser's demise in my case relates to the 
fact that I accidentally knocked it into the tank and moisture didn't 
help it's functioning :-(  No more battery operated devices on an open 
tank for me after that. I'm sure it works quite wonderfully provided 
you aren't as clumsy as I can be at times.

David Aiken