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I've been trying out some local plants in a planted
aquarium. One in particular, Pennyroyal mint (Mentha
g) is doing well and is quite attractive, looks like
a cross between a Hygrophila and a Bacopa. Its been growing
steadily for a couple of months now with side shoots popping
out at the nodes whenever its top is pinched so it's
becoming to look quite bushy. I don't know what will happen
when the tank's temperature rises to over 26C in summer.

Pennyroyal is not a true aquatic although it is found in
marshy habitats and in temporary rain water pools,
occasionally found growing submerged. Its got a strong minty
smell that in spring fills the sunny countryside wherever it
grows. Its very easy to identify. Just crush a leaf and
smell. But the smell is lost when it grows submerged so don'
t imagine a mint tea scented aquarium. The smell is mainly
to ward off insect herbivores so the plant does not need it
when under water.

Pennyroyal is a Mediteranean plant, but the mint family is
widespres. Has anyone tried any other mints in the aquarium,
Water mint (Mentha aquatica) in particular? I'd like to hear
about it.



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