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CO2 End-of-Tank Dump with Tap-Rite #742 Regulator

I have been pursing the previously hotly discussed potential for end-of-tank dump for CO2 tanks.  I bought my tank and regulator from Rapids Wholesale, www.rapidswholesale.com, as many people apparently have.  It came with a Tap-Rite #742 single stage, dual-gauge regulator.

Recently I inquired of Tap-Rite about the potential for "end-of-tank-dump", aka "outlet pressure rise", when the CO2 liquid is depleted and the tank pressure falls. 

 I wrote the following:

I have a CO2 system with a Tap-Rite regulator that I got from Rapids
Wholesale.  It is a two gauge regulator  - a series 740 unit.  I am
interested in the specs for this regulator in terms of "outlet pressure
rise" when the liquid CO2 in the tank is depleted and the input pressure
starts to drop below 800 psi.  If I have my regulator set at 20 psi, can you
tell me how much it will rise during this "end of tank" process?  (another
way of defining this is:  The "Outlet Pressure Rise" is how much the
regulator will waver from its set starting pressure point when the cylinder
runs out of liquid CO2 and the cylinder pressure starts to drop.)

Tap-Rite replied:

   Received your e-mail inquiring about drift from set
   pressure from a full CO2 tank to near empty.

   The Tap-Rite regulator ( 742 ) which you have & are
   using, will have minimal drift ( less than 2 lbs. ) from
   full to empty CO2 tank.

   Other regs. on the market have a much greater drift
   up to 5 to 7 lbs. 

   You have the best CO2 regulator available, and should
   not have any problems with pressure drift.

   Best Regards,  Don Wilson

So, this eases my mind a bit about the potential for tank dump.  Regardless, I still believe "avoidance" (i.e monitor the pressure and refill immediately when the pressure starts to drop) is the safest approach.

Bob Alston
BobAlston9 at AOL_com