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Hydrogen Peroxide out of tank treatment

I bought a bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide today, thinking that I would bleach treat a piece of wood with Java ferns on + some Christmas moss. Some hours ago I decided to check the archives for dosages and such.

What I found was that Hydrogen Peroxide is used for intank spot treatment of BBA, BGA and Cyano algea.
I didn't find anything on out of tank treatment. 
Is there a method for out of tank treatment using Hydrogen Peroxide (3%)?
What concentrations (xWater + yHP), how's and why's are there to think of if there is?

The problem is hair algea and a mysterious one that is 1-2 cm pencil straight thin algea that feels like mineral wool used for insulation of houses. Almost like glassfibre. This one seems to prefere to grow on substrate or other dead things before plants. I also prefere to entangle itself underneath plantleaves so I got it under my Glosso as well. If I pull it up with tweezers it usually also brings up some gravel on which it is attached. On the rocks it is entangled beneath the java ferns and refuses to come out. Hence the thought of out of tank treatment.

I'd be happy to recieve some advice on how to clean this one out. Mechanical removement has not suceeded.

I would also appreciate hints on what to do when you got your Riccia infested with various algea kinds.

Best regards