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RE: Software etc

I hate it when people fail to put the correct "RE: <Subject>" in from
the post they are responding to instead leaving the APD number there.
And I did it without thinking.  Arrgh!!  My apologies.

Not that this is such an important post (I know so little relative to
many others here few if any of mine are notable) but I have looked into
the IKS website info a little more.  I have no idea whether it is any
good but for those who are inclined towards automated control their
product looks like it does about everything and then some.  For example
their lighting control capabilities include (from their website
http://www.iks-usa.com/ ):

The extensive day/night simulation makes child's play of your aquarium's
lighting and optimizes it too. You can use it to set a wide variety of
lighting on- and off times. If the lighting you use can be dimmed, you
can simulate sunrise and sunset. It's even possible to recreate the
sunrise and sunset of a particular region of the world (by entering the
latitude and longitude.  This function even makes the period of the
reduction in nocturnal values possible (pH-value, temperature, current
The integrated lunar-phase simulation gives you everything you want. You
can choose between two alternatives. A practice-related one for the
"aquarium enthusiast" and one for the authentic simulation of moonlight
(for coral cultivation) [My note: don't some breeding and plant cycles
depend on moon cycles also?], taking into account the duration as well
as the intensity of the light. It too allows you to simulate the lunar
phase of a particular region of the world, the tropics for example
(again, by entering latitude and longitude!

Not that one would want to do all of this for a planted tank but I do
not think it is arguable that their lighting control (dimming the
lighting to replicate sunrise, sunset, moon lighting periods as well as
the intensity during those lighting periods at some specific longitude
and latitude) has go to be one of the most comprehensive lighting
controls around.  I still know very little about the system but from
first glance their system appears to offer some of the most extensive
control capabilities of the systems I have looked at.  They also have
software that can download observed data from and upload program changes
to the controller.



Actually I think that 20 Euros is closer to $21.00 US right now, maybe a
little more.

I found this some time ago and have never checked it out either.  It is
made by what I think is a German company called IKS though they appear
to have a US branch - http://www.iks-usa.com/.  They make control units
and related equipment and I think they have some software to go along
with their equipment.  It is not what I would call cheap but if control
is what you want they appear to do it.


> Date: Thu, 03 Apr 2003 16:51:19 -0500
> From: Bill Wichers <billw at waveform_net>
> Subject: RE: Software etc
> >Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2003 21:53:40 -0600
> >From: "Charles Kuehnl" <ckuehnl at cox_net>
> >Subject: RE: Software etc
> >
> >I have not tried it but you might check out Aquarix 3.0
> >(http://www.aquarix.de/en/).  I think it is shareware.
> >
> >Charles Kuehnl
> It says it costs ^ 20.00  (that's supposed to be a euro sign in front
> there)  which it claims is $ 20.00 US at the moment. There's a free
> though. Looks like it is basically an electronic logbook with some
> calculators and pictures -- it doesn't appear to have any automation
> facilities.
>          -Bill