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Re: Software Etc.

Wow, thank you all so much for the feed-back.  Unfortunately I'm on
webmail right now so this email isn't going to be formatted properly, but
you'll get the idea.

>The only stuff I know of is for the Aquacontroller, and it's not cheap when
>you price the entire system.

I was really looking for more like a digital notebook type thing.  This
sounds much more complicated then what I'm trying to do at the moment, and
yes, I'm a linux guy =)  I'm also increadibly lazy when it comes to this
recording stuff (at least not  consistent), so I figure a structured
layout and readouts might keep me continually interested to see the
results!  The controller stuff is definately something that will interrest
me down the road.  I'd love to get ~1hr interval readings and be able to
watch my tank closely.  Formatted data like that has always really got me
goin, its just neat to see how things change even over the course of a
day.  Also, being able to control the lights/heaters/CO2 and maybe even
dosing!  That would be neat.  This water changer thing you mentioned
sounds cool, too.  Too bad you haven't been able to build it yet, sounds
like something I couldn't build currently where I'm living (apt.).

PMDD stuff, awesome.  I'll look up where I can get the more obscure
sounding materials, thanks ;-)

CO2 injection, yes I have a wet/dry, but its contained in two 5 gallon
buckets.  There was this design on the krib, which I followed almost to
the T, I must say it has worked increadibly.  I was weary to think
something <b>I</b> built would work!  Very nice...is that a 'closed'
system?  Would I have to cover the sump, too?  Should I really SEAL the
input to the buckets, what about the overflow (AGA tank, 90g w/overflow)? 
I'll also look this up.

Someone else wrote about beta software in .net.  I'd be interested in
seeing, and possibly beta testing, but like I said I can get lazy if it
isn't something that fits me perfectly *grin*.


>         -Bill


>Waveform Technology
>UNIX Systems Administrator